Top 9 highly profitable Instagram niches in 2022

If you are going to choose one social media platform to promote your products, make it Instagram.

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1. Traveling

The travel industry is one of the world’s largest industries

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2. Beauty

this niche offers many ways for brands and influencers to spread the word about their products, connect with the target audience, and boost eCommerce sales.

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3. Fashion

tthe fashion niche is getting more and more popular: According to Statista, revenue in the fashion segment is expected to reach $689,884M in 2021. 

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4. Health and Fitness

users are looking for health and fitness products, workouts, and tools. Thus, this niche is another great way to promote products and services, and therefore make money on the platform. 

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5. Lifestyle

Instagram is not just about selfies and food photos, people have been always interested in other people’s lives, so the lifestyle niche is popular and profitable. 

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6. Business

no matter what you choose, whether you promote public speaking tips, online marketing tools, or startup ideas and failures, the main idea is to share valuable tips and tricks on how to make money.  

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7. Animal

people can’t help liking cute images of cats, dogs, hedgehogs, foxes, etc. Pet celebrities like Jiffpom have millions of followers on Instagram: 

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8. Food

Instagram has influenced the food industry, so it’s a perfect place for food bloggers, restaurants, and chefs to attract new fans. 

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9. Photography

As a photo-sharing tool, it’s no wonder that Instagram is all about photography. Today, users upload 95 million photos and videos daily. 

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